All our Bungalows and Cottages are good for two (2) persons
with a view of the sea.

25% discount on accommodations only through DIRECT BOOKING with the resort through the numbers posted below.

Please reconfirm your reservation at least a full day before your arrival in our resort by calling or sending an SMS to
(+63)9772166269 or (+63)9183702395.

If you are unable to do so you will be on the stand-by list only.

Php 2,530
Php 2,357
Php 2,127
Single Room
Php 1,105
Double Room
Php 1,320
with Solar Fan
Php 1,450
For 3 persons (Php 2,702)
For 4 persons (Php 2,990)
For 5 persons (Php 3,220)
For 6 persons (Php 3,450)
Php 350